50 Ovulation Test Strips and 20 Pregnancy Test Strips Kit, Combo Ovulation Predictor Kit Pack, Ovulation Tracker, High Sensitivity Accurate Result for Women Home Testing (50LH 20HCG)

FOR ONLY –> $23.99

❥ With our ovulation and pregnancy test kit (50LH+20HCG), you can track your frequency of ovulation to increase the chances of conception.
❥ It is fast and easy, you can do the test at home. our test strips are your most professional and reliable partner.

❉ Features

– Ovulation tracker
50 LH Test Strips help you know your ovulation cycle, which can be used for pregnancy preparation and daily contraceptives.

– Reach medical standard
Many doctors recommend to use our ovulation predictor kit to learn about your personal health.

– Simple operation
Only 3 steps to get the results in a few minutes.

– Privacy protection
Instead of checking in the hospital, our test combo allows you to do the test at home that can highly protect your privacy.

❉ Warm Tips

◇ LH Test:
① For better results, please collect urine at about the same time each day between 10am to 8pm and avoid morning urine.
② Medical taking, problems of anovulation and polycystic ovary might cause the abnormal of LH value, so we recommend you
to consult with your doctors before doing the test.
③ If the results present positive and negative all the time, we recommend you to do the test with thermometer because people
have the lowest temperature during ovulation.

◇ HCG Test:
① For better results, please collect morning urine for the test.
② Read the result within 5 minutes after strip correctly immersed, or it will be invalid.
③ It is appropriate to do the test 7 to 14 days after conception.

❉ Notes:

√ Please do not dip the test strip into the urine that across the Max prompt line.
√ Water intake should be reduced 2 hours before collecting urine.

❉ Package including:

50 x LH test strip
20 x HCG test strip
2 x User Manuals
Note: Each individual package contains one test paper and a pack of desiccant.❤OVULATION TRACKER❤ – Our ovulation and pregnancy test kit detects woman fertile days in a professional and economical way. We have successfully detected many woman’s ovulation schedule and pregnancy!
❤OPTIMAL SENSITIVITY❤ – Results can be detected within 5-10 minutes when levels of HCG or LH reach 25 m IU/ml. Our ovulation and pregnancy test kit have reached FDA standard, is optimal, sensitive, quick and 99% accurate.
❤EASY TO USE❤ – You only need to dip the test strips into the urine for several seconds, lay flat then wait to read the result. Two instruction manuals included will clearly guide you step by step.
❤VALUE FOR MONEY❤ – Get 50 Ovulation Test Strips and 20 Pregnancy Test Strips in a great price! Don’t spend a lot on plastic cases or mid-stream tests. Our ovulation predictor kit is the most cost-effective products in the market.
❤INDEPENDENT PACKAGING❤ – Each test strip is individually wrapped which keeps it sterile and fresh. It is portable and compact-designed. You can put it into your pocket or bag and go anywhere you want.

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