Adhesive replacements for bumpinbeats pregnancy speaker – 20 count, petal shaped, yellow-gold self-adhesive.

FOR ONLY –> $7.99

The bumpinbeats adhesive can simply be placed over the bumpinbeats speaker device, and will reach your belly around the edges of the speaker.

Find the bumpinbeats pregnancy speaker on Amazon and buy today! Give the your baby’s brainpower a boost. Start early!

Pregnancy speaker adhesive: Used to attach bumpinbeats pregnancy speaker device to mom’s belly to play music and sounds.
High quantity provided to last during your pregnancy: Includes 20 replacement adhesives.
Material is comfortable, breathable and durable.
Use bumpinbeats in the comfort of your home or on the go with adhesives.
Adhesives are petal shaped, and yellow-gold color with no adhesive in center.

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