Baby Pillow For Sleeping – Great Head And Neck Support for Your Child, Prevent Flat Head, Hypoallergenic ,Infant Use & Washable Organic Cotton Pillowcase Shield Mesh & Storage Bag As Gift.

FOR ONLY –> $49.99

What You Get :

– One Core Pillow – With Unique Head Support Design Shape

– One Cotton Mesh Cover – Offers Protection For The Soft Latex Core

– One Organic Cotton Pillowcase – Soft And Delicate, Offers A Gentle Touch For Baby`s Head

– One Recycled Material Bag – Our Package Is Made Of Recycled Material And Makes Our Product Perfect For A Gift To Families With Toddlers.

Baby pillow made with high-quality natural latex milk from Thailand forests. Foam with memory function, very supportive and resilient.Keep Away from FIRE, Wash only by Hand The Natural Latex has a mild sweet natural smell, that can be noticed by some peoples. Our product is guaranteed for minimal aroma release and if needed please ventilate the pillow outside of the home for few hours. Be careful not to expose it to direct sunlight or heat sources.Besides this, the Hevea Pillows ( almohadas para bebes ) offer the most amazing sleep experience and the best head and body support.Also it is a great gift if you are looking to find baby registry item.DESIGNED SPECIALLY FOR YOUR BABY : The baby pillow has been designed to prevent plagiocephaly and to comfort baby`s delicate head and soft skull.By using the baby pillow your new born will develop a perfect skull,preventing any flatenning of the head.3D designed in US for great sleep joy and rest quality.
MAKE A GREAT BABY SHOWER OR REGISTRY GIFT: If you are looking for a great newborn shower gift then this is the perfect idea.You will make the best impression by offering a high quality present for the use of new mother.The anti roll baby pillow comes in a special bag that can help storage after use and makes a great impression.
NATURALLY MILDEW PROOF AND DUST MITE RESISTANT – The rubber tree sap used for latex foam production has natural properties against dust mites, fungus, and other bacterias, this will help preventing allergies, itchy skin and sinuses problems.Your baby’s safety is always the priority.This is a no chemicals toddler pillow.
ZIPPER FITTED ORGANIC COTTON PILLOWCASE – 2 washable pillowcases pack set for your kid`s pillow protection.One outer protector case cover made of organic cotton and one protector mesh cover.
HYPOALLERGENIC BREATHABLE MATERIALS – Special pin holes design baby pillow, provide superior ventilation properties which keep the baby`s head cool and prevent sweat accumulation for the health of the baby.Can be used for nursing, car seat,travel pillow,on airplane,infant breastfeeding,crib,wedge, bassinet positioner or tummy support.

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