Baby soft Swaddle Blanket Organic Cotton Muslin 3 Pack shower gift + stroller clips

FOR ONLY –> $45.50


Versatile baby blanket

Most parents have gone through this frustration – having to carry a blanket, towel, and shawl whenever they are
leaving the house. This is usually because most products in the market can only be used for a single purpose. Well,
this swaddle blanket is about to remove all your frustrations. It is a one-fits-all blanket that can be used as a towel,
swaddle blanket, cover, blanket, receiving blanket, summer blankets, and will also fit any other use. You never have to carry luggage
big enough to make your neighbors think you are moving out, while you are only going to the park.

Exceptional quality

The quality of this is equal to other higher priced blankets in the market. It is made of a super soft and 100% organic fabric
which makes it perfect for babies. This is great news for parents because it means that babies will remain comfortable at
all times. The blanket’s design also allows it to be unisex. It is not too childish or colorful bit very calm and stylish. This
makes it a perfect baby gift for someone who is going to have a baby soon, or just had one.

Here is why you need to buy this baby swaddle blanket:

– Made from organic cotton which is just perfect for your little one’s skin.

– Large and super soft fabric to make your baby feel pampered.

– They can be used for several functions including stroller cover, swaddle blanket, receiving blanket and more.

– Included stroller clips make this blanket the perfect companion when walking your baby on hot summer days.

– Makes an a ideal baby shower gift for new mothers.

Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and get yourself this baby swaddle blanket. You can literally use it for everything.

  • ★ EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: To ensure your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin isn’t irritated, the Sleepy Sheepy swaddling blanket is made of 100% organic cotton that is very skin-friendly. Designed in the US, our swaddle receiving blankets conform to standard regulations.
    • ★ MULTI-PURPOSE: One of the best feature of this baby stroller blanket is its versatility. You can use it for literally hundreds of uses including swaddle blanket, receiving blanket, toddler security blanket, stroller or car seat cover, towel, changing mat, preschool nap time cover, summer blanket, nursing cover, burp cloth, and sleeping surface for your baby.
      • ★ LARGE AND BUTTERFLY SOFT: These swaddle receiving blankets are large, making them perfect for swaddling your baby. The blankets are super soft meaning that your newborn baby boy or girl will be very comfortable in them and will absolutely love them.
        • ★ LIGHT AND BREATHABLE: The muslin used to make this baby swaddle blanket is breathable and light making it perfect for swaddling babies. Your baby’s body temperature will be regulated or keep them from overheating.
          • ★ STROLLER CLIPS are included to further increase the versatility of this baby blanket. You can use them to secure it to a stroller or car seat when using it as a sunshade. To sweeten the deal, this package ships with an additional gift of 12 baby monthly stickers which are perfect to remember your baby’s first year. it’s just the perfect photo prop for your baby’s monthly photos, just stick it on your baby’s bodysuit and photograph your baby to cherish your first moments.
            • ★ GREAT BABY GIFT IDEA: We have designed these baby swaddle blankets not to be fanciful or too colorful. Instead, they appear very calm and stylish making it ideal for use by both boys and girls. If you know someone who will have a baby soon or just had one, this baby blankets are the best present. This offer is backed by our no questions-asked Moneyback guarantee, this is a risk-free buy so go ahead and click ‘add to Cart” Now!

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