Baby Toddler Silicone Placemat with Built in Dish+Spoons, Toddler Kids Plate, Food Grade- BPA free, Non Slip (Suction), Silicone Placemat+Plate for Toddler Kids (Orange-Blue)

FOR ONLY –> $19.99

Baby Toddler Placemats with Built in Dish / Plate + Spoons. Perfect for Baby’s / Toddler first meals. Suction base preventing toppling over by toddler. Lessening mess creation and facilitating a stress- free mealtime experience for both parents and toddler. Bright and alluring colors; adds to the appeal of meals. Visually inviting. Removable BPA free plate; easy to clean. Durable- cost effective option. Placemat can be used with other plates and dish by simply removing built in dish.Baby’s and toddler’s first meals made easy with Silicone Placemats with Built in Dish. Revamping the mealtime experience with colors and vibrancy.
Bright and Vibrant Colors; adding to the attractiveness of meals. With our plates as background veggies have never looked more attractive. Let your baby or toddler fall in love with your cooking. We’ll take care of satisfying their sense of sight and touch and you their sense taste and smell. Making for a most rewarding meal experience.
Fixed silicone placemat keeps Dish/Plate stable and difficult to topple over facilitated by suction mechanism. Taking the hassle out meal time. Decreasing the incidents of spilling. No more toppling over of dishes and bowls.
Dish built in and removable. BPA free. Easy to clean and detachable from silicone placemat.
Very Durable; made of strong food-grade silicone material. The first and last plate you’ll have to buy.

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