Baby Wrap Safely Supports Carrying Babies from Birth to 35 pounds – Infant Sling is Fashion meets Safety, Easy Comfort and Bonding with Your Child

FOR ONLY –> $39.99

Your Baby Wrap Carrier from Blitzby Baby

The Positive Reactions from Babies wrapped in this baby sling is Heartwarming, From Birth to 35 Pounds this Baby Carrying Wrap Sling is a parenting essential

Productively, Developmentally, Versatility – All Wrapped in One Baby Carrier

A UC Davis study proved closeness of hearts can have a physiological effect of synchronizing heartbeats. Expose your baby girl to productive routines and visual stimulation to positively impact her development. Customers report a greater frequency of regular sleep patterns

Still Unsure? Benefits for YOU will surely have you buying now. Infants want attention, to be held, struggle sleeping, and can suffer from colic. Nurture, pacify, and swaddle your baby with hands free privileges so you can still get your chores accomplished and to-do lists crossed off

Breastfeeding can be arduous, especially in public, but now you can privately breastfeed with the baby wrap as a cover. This machine washable baby cloth can double as burping cloth, changing pad, nursing cover & pillow, or cloth wipe

Why Blitzby’s Baby Wrap

Safety : Quality Assurance is held to the standards we have for our own children. If properly tied this sling carrier will provide a tight, secure, and safe hold

Ease: Once you Learn the techniques of baby wearing, you will be a lifelong evangelist for the Baby wrap/sling

Comfort: Not only will your baby boy immediately feel at home in this baby wrap, If wrapped properly the support will relieve pressure on your lower back

Growth: As your baby grows, this wrap grows with them — 16 ft in length the cloth will securely fasten and hold up to 35 pounds

Buy Now and review so we can add to the list of why this baby wrap is best! Make Womb in your cart now

Click the Add To Cart Button → Buy now → Bond with Your Baby & Regain Productivity95% Cotton 5% Spandex for tight yet comfortable fit
Baby Wrap for Newborns to 35 pounds
Keep your baby close, warm, and safe close to your heart
Hands Free Sling For Enhanced Mom Productivity Powers
Learning to use this wrap is easy (instructions provided with purchase)

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