BabyHugs Newborn Baby Carrier Sling | Cotton Melange Grey | 0-18 Months

FOR ONLY –> $49.00

Perfect baby shower gift

  • Infant carrier sling by BABYHUGS is a perfect baby shower gift as it is beneficial for both: newborn and his/her mother as it allows them to spend more time together! Bonding with a mom, hearing her heartbeats helps babies to stay calm, sleep better and give more sleep to their mothers.
  • At BABYHUGS we trust that quality is in the details. We designed every piece of our product to provide a newly mum with outstanding pleasure and feel of quality every time she uses it.

Much more than just a carrier wrap sling…

  • BABYHUGS baby sling carrier wrap is the most useful and universal acquisition you can make or you can present to a newborn. Use it as a toddler & baby carrier. Your little one is happier, feels safer, has no need to cry and you have all the time to enjoy your baby as a result.
  • During the pregnancy period, you can use BABYHUGS sling as a maternity belt. It will gently wrap your body, distribute the weight of the baby across the back and help relieve the pressure and reduce pain.
  • This sling wrap is easily convertible to the postpartum belt as well. It tightens and stimulates your muscles, triggers fat burning and helps you to get back in shape.
  • Has your baby become hungry? It’s good news because our sling is a custom fit and can be used as a nursing cover every time and everywhere.
  • Obviously, this sling is a perfect cover from the sun during the summer or from the wind during the rest of the year or, alternatively, can serve you as a swaddle blanket.

Manage your time, as you like

  • It is the perfect way to keep your baby calm during your daily housework’s when you need both of your hands. Simply put your little one into this infant carrier wrap and do your daily tasks while your child is getting his/her sweet dreams or attentively watching all your actions and exploring the world!

UNPRECEDENTED QUALITY & COMFORT – This newborn baby wrap carrier is made of a special cotton blend, which makes it natural and breathable even in hot weather. At the same time, a pinch of spandex makes it soft & cozy. This sling is extraordinarily comfortable as it evenly distributes the weight of the baby and allows you to carry your newborn infant for hours and feel no back or shoulder pain. Native position of the baby in the wrap improves oxygen supply & baby’s digestion.
ONE PIECE – MULTIPLE USAGE – Baby sling by BABYHUGS is universal as it has no rings and it is easily convertible into the baby infant carrier, maternity belt or postpartum support belt, cotton nursing cover or baby swaddle blanket. It is one of the most comfortable baby wraps & carriers available on the market as it easily adapts to your body contours as well as makes a comfortable fit according to your baby’s growth.
FREES YOUR HANDS – Have to work? Time to tackle your housework? The infant baby carrier wrap by BABYHUGS is a lifesaver in the situations like these! Even the fussiest babies are lulled to sleep in this newborn baby wrap as they hear the heartbeats of the mother, which calms them and lets them sleep better while you have your hands free for your tasks.
HELPS THE CHILD’S COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT – Help your child to learn things faster by carrying him/her in the baby sling wrap by BABYHUGS. During the day, you interact with numerous objects, sounds and sights – and so will your baby when he/she is right there -wrapped in baby carrier. In this way, baby can continuously explore the world together with you and it is an undeniable benefit for your child’s development.
STRENGTHENS EMOTIONAL BONDING – BABYHUGS infant carrier case allows you to spend more time with your baby during the day and by doing that – you create a close emotional bond, which helps you to know your baby and understand his/her needs better. Your little one spends more time close to you, heshe is calmer, sleeps better and eventually gives you enough time to have a rest. Our wrap builds up a quality time for you with your child.

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