Bjingles Heartbeat Baby Monitor Great Pregnancy Gift & Baby Shower

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Please watch our Bjingles Baby Heartbeat Monitor video on YouTube. Put Bjingles Videos, in the search box and you will find it. Review our FAQs and How to use instructions on our product website.
Enjoy listening to the sounds of your unborn baby!

Bjingles Baby Heart Monitor is a premium device that gives parents a feeling of closeness to their unborn baby, when they listen to the sounds and movements their baby makes.

Product is very safe –

It is the perfect product that elevates the precious bonding experience with your baby, as it comes with 2 headphones that allow both -mom and dad to enjoy the beautiful experience of listening to their baby with friends and family.

Recording your Baby’s Heartbeat-

It allows you to record your baby’s heartbeat that you can share with your family. You can also record the mom’s heartbeat, so that it can be used later to soothe the baby after birth.

Bjingles App- Be Pregnant with Style-

The Monitor comes with its own Bjingles App, that contains wonderful features like the Tummy Pix, Record Messages and lullabies, Play Jingles, Weeks Prego to measure your belly, and Mom to be Album.

Package Includes-

Bjingles Monitor, a set of headset, a set of earbuds, a recording cable, and a 9 volt alkaline battery.

We recommend generous use of lubricating gel-

to reduce the static caused by moving the monitor around on the belly (gel not included).

For good detectability of the baby’s heartbeat-

it is best to use the device after 16th week of pregnancy.


Bjingles Monitor is only a listening device to hear the sounds of your unborn, and is not to be used for diagnostic or medical purposes, and is not a substitute for your regular pre-natal visits to your doctor.

** PROVIDES BEST Results when used starting after 16 weeks of pregnancy
•PERFECT GIFT FOR A NEWLY PREGNANT COUPLE AND BABY SHOWERS- Comes with 2 sets of Headphones so Mom and Loved Ones can listen to the Baby’s Heartbeat and other movements at the same time
•BE PREGNANT WITH STYLE WITH OUR BJINGLES APP ON APPLE AND ANDROID PHONES- Enjoy its beautiful features such as soothing music for your unborn baby, and many other cool ones to have fun with
•EASY ON/OFF/ VOLUME Control and LED Light Indicator with extremely clear audio sound
•PRODUCT IS SAFE AND NON-INVASIVE- Compact and easy to carry

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