C.X.Z® Child Kids Orthotic Arch Shoe Half-Length Insoles Flatfoot Flat Foot Arch Support Splayed Feet Corrector Instep Pain Brace Ache Bnip Shoe Pad Insert Foot Health Care Hallux Valgus Pigeon-toed Treatments Tools for Kid Shoes Relieve Pain Orthopedics Sole (XL (13.5cm / 5.31 in))

FOR ONLY –> $10.00

Condition: 100% brand new and high quality

Color : White

Material : Polypropylene

Insole size (length) :

S (11cm /4.33 in): Suggested size EU 26-27 / US 9.5-10.5 / UK 8.5-9.5

M (12 cm / 4.72 in) : Suggested size EU 28-29 / US 11-11.5 / UK 10-10.5

L (13 cm /5.12 in): Suggested size EU 30-31 / US 12- 13.5 / UK 11-12.5

XL (13.5cm / 5.31 in) : Suggested size EU 32-33 / US 1-2 / UK 13-1

Packing List: 1 pair of insoles + 1 reusable cloth bag

Note: This insole is half in length which is specially designed to support foot arch part. Please note that do not take it as full length insole. This insole could only be put under foot arch.

1. This insole is half in length which is specially designed to support foot arch part. The smart insoles that support kid`s arch and properly align feet and ankles to reduce pain! Made of high performance flexible plastic, Orthotic Insoles will take the shock out of your step during typical daily activities.
2. Specially designed vents help the air to circulate under your feet.
3. Orthotic Insoles are engineered to help realign children feet, ankles, spine and pelvic area to give comfort, stability, strength and balance.
4. No trimming needed – just slips into any pair of shoes. Orthotic Insoles are lightweight, flexible, washable, and fit all types of shoes.
5. Don’t take the pain, beat the pain! Orthotic Insoles fit comfortably inside shoes to cushion feet during typical daily activities.

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