DOUBLE SIDED BABY CRAWLING PLAY MAT – Extra Large (120CM X 180CM) Reversible Baby Floor Mat, Educational Playmat & Play Gym

FOR ONLY –> $34.99

If you have a baby aged at least six months old and up, then this Baby Crawling Play Mat – Large, Comfortable, Luxurious Baby and Kids Play Mat will soon become a true necessity for you and your baby. Soft and safe for your crawling baby, this mat can be used on a carpet, to allow your little one to start exploring the world with its surroundings, in a fun and comfortable environment offered by this playmat.

This large and comfortable blanket is an ideal choice for your baby’s early development, as it offers your toddler the perfect place for spending time in a comfy and educational safe playzone. Easy to roll, pack and expand, this play mat can be moved in any family rooms, so that you can allow your baby to play individually, yet under attentive care and observation of one of your family members.

This beautifully colored play mat presents various images that will attract your baby, whilst also offering children the chance to make the difference between various colors and shapes. Embellished with numbers, animals, transportation means and other images, this prime babyplaymat is ready to make your little one happy.

This is a hygienic option for your kid’s playspot, as it can be easily cleanup. Thanks to its soft material, it protects your child against potential injury. This floor blanket is also ideal to be offered as a gift for any infant, as kids of various ages can play on it in different ways. This can be used for your baby’s first crawling moments, as well as it can become an educational tool for toddlers and pre-school kids.

100% Brand New

Color: Multi-color

Size: 71*47 INCHES (L*W) and 5MM Thickness, or 120CM*180CM

Material: OPP + PE Cotton

Flexible and soft

Hygienic and safe

Water proof and easy to clean

EXTRA LARGE AND REVERSIBLE- Large 120CM X 180CM, one-piece design is reversible, waterproof and easy-to-clean.
PERFECT FOR CRAWLING – Soft and warm, it keeps your baby from getting injured. Extra-cushioned surface for all of baby’s milestones: tummy time, rolling over and first steps.
COMFORTABLE – Soft and quality materials ensure baby’s comfort. Non-slip, textured surface will stay in place.
ATTRACTIVE AND FUN – Multicolored, this mat will attract your baby’s attention. Features letters & numbers on one side and whimsical animals on the other. Perfect for tummy time!
HYGIENIC – Easy to clean and store, ensures an hygienic playground for babies. This is an excellent, non-toxic, protective alternative to nursery / playroom rug. Vacuum, wipe off, or shake down the mat for a quick & easy clean. Rolls up easily for storage.

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