EXTRA SOFTNESS- Baby Commander 16.2ft(15ft Edge+8 Corners) 3M Child proofing Edge and Corner Guard kid Home Safety Cushion Easy to install Extra long Cushion Bumper,Furniture Bumper,table protector

FOR ONLY –> $34.99

This nicely designed and high quality edge and corner cushion has been tested repeatedly and passed our rigorous quality inspection. Please buy with confidence!
Easily keep your child from tables, counters and all other furniture that with sharp edges & corners. The easy-to-use adhesive strip keeps bumpers & protection strip securely attached to the surface but removes easily when no longer needed.

Installation method:

Clean the surface of the product that need to be installed (concave side of the protection strip; bumper sides that will attach to the table surface)
Place the 3M tape on the cleaned side of the product
Press the taped protection strip and bumpers firmly on the surface where you want to install.
Make sure the tape is firmly adhering on the surface.


*Material: Eco-friendly NBR
*Waterproof & Nonslip & Strong adhesiveness
*Dimension:4.6M/15ft Edge + 8 Corners

Package Content:

*1X 4.6M/15ft edge protection strip
*8X Corners


This product can not be used as a substitute for proper adult supervision.
For best tape durability, please allow your baby to access the corner guards at least 12 hours after installation.

Since 3M tape does not glue well on concrete surfaces, please do not apply this product on the wall.

• -SOFT AND DENSE: We have tested all kinds of NBR materials and carefully chose the softest but most highly dense corner protector that gives your baby an EXTRA protection
• -SAFE MATERIAL: We use only Eco-friendly material in our product that has NO Phthalates, BPA, chemicals or added toxic fire retardants (SCCPs). Non-toxic material will ensure your baby a safe and healthy environment that provides 100% total protection.
• -STRONG AND DURABLE 3M TAPE: We know hearty babies can be strong, energetic and powerful to rip off corners easily. In protecting so, we choose 3M tape that are highly adhesive and durable to gives our product an additional strong support.
• -LONG COVERAGE: Our table corner guard includes a 15ft (4.6m) table edge protection strip and 8 corner bumpers. The protection strip provides a total coverage of your table and more to save your money and time. Baby Commander table corner guard is easy to install and can be tailored to fit your need.
• BABY COMMANDER: thrives to provide our customers trustworthy products at fair prices. We provide 30 days guarantee for unconditional product return/exchange, and our customers service team are happy to help you

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