Footrest for Car Seat , Booster Seat Footrest for Kids Safety Seat

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EJWOX Car Seat Booster makes your child’s feel like an easy chair. Car seats and boosters leave little legs dangling that can cause poor circulation and uncomfortable numbness. Finally there’s a solution: this revolutionary footrest – there’s nothing else like it. The ingenious footrest relieves pressure points in the legs. Footrest and tray adjust vertically for growing kids and may also be angled for added comfort. This product has been tested for use in the back seats of automobiles.Compatible with all car seats. Height-adjustable footrest inclines for comfort.Height-adjustable tray tilts for best access.All care instructions provided.

Product Details and Features
Brand Name: EJWOX
Style No.: 6001
Colors: Gray
Product/packed size: 25.5×14.7×3.1 inches / 16.3×15.4×4.3inches
weight: 1.6 lbs
material: PP and Steel

Protect your child’s knees from the force of gravity pulling their dangling legs
Provides comfort and stability and removes pain, discomfort, and numbness
The height and angle of the foot plate is adjustable
Compatible with all car seats, supports children up to 60 lbs
Load leg makes it safe and strong

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