Happy Baby Organic Superfood Munchies Baked Cheese & Grain Snacks Broccoli Kale & Cheddar Cheese 1.63 Ounce (Pack of 6) Organic, Non-GMO, BPA-Free Packaging

FOR ONLY –> $14.78

Happy Munchies Kale and Cheddar Cheese Broccoli Snack, 1.63 Ounce — 6 per case. organic whole grain yellow corn, organic canola oil, organic cheddar cheese (milk, cultures, salt, enzymes, disodium phosphate), organic broccoli, organic kale vitamins & minerals: tricalcium phosphate, choline tartrate, mixed tocopherols (to preserve freshness), ferric orthophosphate (iron), sea salt, cholecalciferol (vitamin d3), niacin amide (niacin), zinc oxide (zinc), d-calcium pantothenate (vitamin b5), pyridoxine hcl (vitamin b6), riboflavin (vitamin b2), thiamine mononitrate (vitamin b1), cyanocobolamin (vitamin b12), folic acid (folate). Contains corn. Contains dairy.Our superfood munchies are the perfect snack time option for babies ready for a little crunch. Dusted with broccoli, kale and cheddar cheese, and fortified with vitamins and minerals, these snacks provide extra nutrients for your little one.
You will know that your baby is ready to try munchies when they can: crawl on their hands & knees without their tummy on the ground, eat thicker solids with larger pieces, use their jaws to mash food with their gums; pick up food with thumb and forefinger
Contains choline to support brain & eye health
At Happy Family, happiness is at the heart of everything we are, do, and say; as a company both founded and run by moms, we always put babies before business and center ourselves around the needs of today’s modern families, starting from the very beginning
We are real moms, pediatricians and nutritionists on a mission to bring happiness & health to our little ones; we create nutritious meals & snacks that make eating enlightened, effortless, & delicious; from our Happy Family to yours; Certified USDA Organic

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