Happy Monkey Baby Wrist Rattles and Foot Finders Set High Contrast Infant Foot Finders Socks and Newborn Hand Wrist Rattle Toy Cute Engaging Elephants and Monkeys Bright Developmental Colors Patterns

FOR ONLY –> $9.97

Designed for babies from birth up to 24 months, The Happy Monkey Wrist Rattle and Foot Finder Set is perfect for infants that are starting to grasp at things or notice sounds. These colorful toys jingle when your baby moves or shakes her hands and feet, promoting and helping to develop body awareness and action association. The bright and contrasting colors encourage your baby’s development from the earliest infant stages throughout their first couple of years, so these adorable soft animal rattle toys will be your child’s favorite for a long time!

Cause and effect toys help boost your child’s visual, audio and motor coordination. These rattles make sounds as your baby moves, catching your baby’s attention and holding her interest. Babies can best see the bright colors and contrasting patterns that are on these rattles, which encourages and improves baby’s hand-eye coordination. Made of 100% cotton , the socks keep your baby’s little toes warm and toasty, and the wrist rattles attach with Velcro, making them easy to put on and take off. That’s good for moms too!

Machine washable with cold water. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach.

For your baby’s safety, DO NOT REMOVE the bells from inside the rattles. These small bells could pose a choking hazard to your child if removed and left unattended.

VIBRANT & COLORFUL DESIGN – The Happy Monkey wrist rattle set comes in a vibrant array of colors and patterns, making it extremely interesting to your baby. These bright colors and designs make this toy easy to find in the diaper bag, the car, or mom’s purse so it’s not easily lost like other small baby toys. Easy to use it in the carrier, the stroller, the crib or the high chair! Stimulating to your baby’s senses, this toy makes a great baby shower gift for boys or girls!
PROMOTES HEALTHY MOTOR SKILL DEVELOPMENT – The many different textures and sounds of this visually appealing wrist rattle and foot finder set enables your baby to develop the essential touch, feel and hearing senses that are vital for spatial development. These toys capture your baby’s interest and attention with sound as they move, thus enhancing your child’s visual, audio and motor coordination. Reduce fussiness and and boredom by intellectually engaging your baby!
GREAT BABY GIFT – This Happy Monkey Wrist Rattle & Foot Finder Gift Set makes a great present for any expectant mother, newborn baby or toddler boy or girl! Give it as a special gift for baby showers, birthday parties or Christmas gatherings. Babies will love and enjoy these toys, and parents will appreciate you for such a thoughtful and engaging gift!
SUPREME COMFORT & EASY CARE – Each set contains 4pcs (1 set of foot finder socks & 1 set of wrist rattles). The adorable baby socks keep baby’s feet warm while their engaging rattle sounds encourage your baby to kick, reach and grab, thus stimulating and stretching your baby’s muscles. The jingling wrist rattles attach with Velcro, so they are easy to put on and remove. Both pair are machine washable, cold water, tumble dry low so they are perfect for both baby and mom!
100% GUARANTEE – Made from completely non-toxic and BPA free materials, and a poly/cotton blend, you can rest easy knowing your baby is in good hands. We are so completely confident that you will love our foot finder set, that we have a 100% no-questions asked money back guarantee backed by the highest rated customer service team!

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