hiccapop Safe Lift Universal Crib Wedge and Sleep Positioner for Baby Mattress

FOR ONLY –> $30.92

OVER 4,000,000 UNITS SOLD.

For 20 years, the 12 degree incline of the hiccapop Safe Lift sleep positioner has been used to optimally incline your baby and toddler’s head and torso during periods of discomfort associated with a range of uncomfortable ailments. By elevating your child’s body, your baby sleeps more soundly during naps and throughout the night.

CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION APPROVED SIZE – Rest easy knowing your child is safe.
The CPSC has strict guidelines to ensure the safety of your child in their crib or toddler bed. They have deemed 27.25″ in width to be the safest dimension and this wedge has been tested and approved. Beware of other wedges that cut corners by producing narrower wedges.

Hate wrestling with crib sheets?
The NON-SKID BOTTOM keeps this baby positioner in one place so that you do not have to continually remove the sheets and readjust it.

You don’t need 1 more piece of laundry to worry about, even though your your baby will inevitably spit-up, drool or have a diaper leak. Rather than removing and laundering a fitted wedge sheet, simply use a warm damp cloth or a disinfectant wipe to clean the surface and remake the crib immediately.

Our eco-friendly packaging is made from recycled cardboard and is half the size of other crib wedge boxes. As a result, our wedge takes up half the space during every leg of its shipping journey. That means it costs less for you. Giving it as a gift? Gift wrapping is made easier as well.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE – After 20 years of selling our universal crib wedge, we happily stand behind our product.ELEVATE BABY’S HEAD & TORSO – Our perfect 12 degree incline props up your child’s head and body. This raised position adds comfort which leads to better sleep
SAFE FOR YOUR BABY – Free from all harsh chemicals, including BPA, phthalates, and PBDEs (flame retardants), the hiccapop Safe-lift wedge cover and foam are ultra-safe. NON-SKID BOTTOM holds wedge firmly in place for safety and convenience. OVER 4,000,000 UNITS SOLD.
27.25″ WEDGE PASSES ALL FEDERAL SAFETY REGULATIONS – Only crib wedge that has been tested and passes these vital size regulations. All crib wedges are required to be 27.25″ wide to prevent dangerous gaps between the wedge and crib rails. Beware of products that do not meet these standards. The hiccapop universal Safe Lift Crib Wedge is safe for all cribs and toddler beds
EASY TO CLEAN, WATERPROOF, STAINPROOF – No laundering required. Our waterproof cover makes for easy cleanup of baby spit-up, drooling, and diaper leaks. Wipes clean with a warm rag or disinfectant wipe.
FOLDABLE FOR EASY TRAVEL – Take our foldable wedge with you anywhere. Our attractive ┬ápackaging makes it a great gift for new parents

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