Honeypie Fresh Food Feeder, Fruit Feeding Pacifier makes a Sweet Baby Teether (2 Nipple Sizes)

FOR ONLY –> $12.99

Honeypie Fresh Food Feeder makes it convenient, and safe to introduce solid foods to your precious little ones. Simply unlatch the feeder to open, and then place the food of your choice into the nipple. Your baby will love the new food experiences that you will be able to introduce them to. The feeder may be packed with just about anything you choose, including: Fresh Fruits, Frozen Fruits, Meats, Vegetables, Ice Shavings, etc.HIGH QUALITY FRESH FOOD FEEDER designed to introduce solid foods to your babies. Similar in appearance to a pacifier, this fruit feeder is designed to open so you are able to place food into the nipple. A safe way to introduce fresh food to your baby
100% SAFE FOOD GRADE SILICONE nipples, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, BPA free. Newly designed latch that reduces the risk of snags, and pokes
SAFE, DEPENDABLE TEETHER: Allows your child to not only try solid foods, but also to sooth during teething. Frozen fruits, or ice chips packed into the soft silicone feeder provides a safe way for your baby to teeth. Fun rattle design keeps baby interested
EASY TO CLEAN with soap and water, and the silicone nipple is boil safe for disinfection. Product completely breaks down so you are able to fully, and properly clean

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