Intimia Breast Pillow Chest Wrinkles Prevention and Breast Support

FOR ONLY –> $40.00

The Intimia Breast pillow prevents and cures chest wrinkles in a safe, easy-to-use way. Continuous use at night gradually smoothes out chest wrinkles without surgery or invasive medical procedure. Intimia Breast pillow comfortably separates women’s breasts thus eliminating the pressure while ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. It is ultra-soft, ultra-light and anatomically shaped to fit perfectly between breasts of all sizes. The adjustable straps ensure that the product stays in place regardless of a woman’s sleeping position. Beyond cleavage beautification, the Intimia Breast Pillow provides invaluable assistance to nursing mothers and women recovering after any breast-related or cardiac surgeries. It also helps to reduce discomfort for tender-breasted women due to pregnancy or PMS symptoms.Provides breast support and comfortable nights’ sleep for side, back or stomach sleepers
Fits well for the cup size B and UP and the body size XS, S, M, L and XL
Pillow fits snugly. To find the perfect balance between the tightness and the comfort, pillow must be properly adjusted by changing the length of the straps
Reduces or completely cures the appearance of existing chest wrinkles
Reduces discomfort caused by tender breasts

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