ORGANIC TODDLER PILLOW – Larger Size with Fluffy Cool Memory Foam Fill – Full Neck Sleeping Support for Kids Bedding, Crib, Naps, Travel – 100% Cotton Cover by Angel Baby (pillowcase sold separately)

FOR ONLY –> $36.95

The One Secret Pediatricians May Be Keeping From You About Your Toddler

The Secret to Having Your Toddler Sleep Safely & Comfortably is the Angel Baby Custom Made ORGANIC TODDLER PILLOW

I was tired of seeing too many toddler travel pillows that were either too clumpy, too flat, not the right size, hard to wash, and NOT SAFE. So I listened to Moms & invested months of research and money to design the PERFECT, SAFEST ORGANIC TODDLER PILLOW


– 75% Memory Foam (USA) and 25% Polyester Fiber (provides the proper support for your neck and body and keeps things COOL, Comfortable and Supportive!
– Organic Cotton Cover (USA and Oeko-Tex Certified)
– Non-Allergenic, Anti-Microbial, Hypoallergenic, Mildew Proof & Dust Mite Resistant!
– Superior Softness and Comfort with FULL HEAD and NECK SUPPORT that helps your toddler sleep at a natural angle.
– Individually Hand Crafted and Made in U.S.A.

The Angel Baby toddler pillow is recommended for children from ages 2-5 yrs for sleeping in the crib, the car for travel, nap time to guarantee a COMFORTABLE and more importantly SAFE SLEEP!

The BEST and ONLY Toddler Travel Pillow that comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

FLUFFY FILL MADE OF 75% MEMORY FOAM AND 25% POLYESTER for full head and neck support. 13″ x 18″ Larger size allows maximum comfort while sleeping and napping.
QUILTED 100% ORGANIC COTTON COVER. Non-allergenic, Anti-microbial and Hypoallergenic. Made in the USA.
FIRM AND KEEPS ITS SHAPE even after several machine washings. Top quality stitching.
As you invest in your children, Angel Baby invests in top of the line products!

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