Playgro Clip Clop Activity Baby Rattle

FOR ONLY –> $13.49

Playgro stage-1 toys are about stimulating baby’s senses. Playgro stage-1 toys have sounds and music patterns with contrasting bright colors. The senses of sound and smell are almost fully developed at birth. As your baby comes to the world, vision increases and attractive mobiles above bassinettes and changing tables catch baby’s full attention.Colorful click clack beads assist hand/eye coordination
Each of clip clop hooves has a different activity
Crinkle feature assists sensory and tactile development
Rattle and bell for auditory stimulation
Vibrant colors and patterns encourage visual perception
Various textures for tactile development
Mirror for learning reflections
Crinkle sounds & rattling beads for auditory stimulation
BPA Free
3+ Months plus

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