Pregnancy Test Quick Result Home Kit -5 Pack- Super Sensitive Early Detection HCG Midstream Sticks, By TrueStick

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TrueStick pregnancy tests are both accurate and affordable and with over a 99% accuracy rating. This is a box of 5 home pregnancy tests for your convenience. What makes this brand very special is that you can find out you are pregnant up to days before your missed periods, earlier than any other pregnancy test on the market! Truestick has a special formulated stick reading system that can detect early pregnancies. This brand is well known for its spot on accuracy and unlike those other pregnancy test brands–this stick has very easy to read results.


Trustick can detect early pregnancy after only 5 missed days of your period because our strips are formulated to detect even the lowest levels of HCG. HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin shows up in a pregnant woman’s urine very early on in her pregnancy. This specific hormone is the one responsible for making the cells of the embryo. As a woman goes more into her pregnancy the HCG level increase and doubles every 48 hours. Most pregnancy tests are not built to pick up on this significant hormone increase but Truestick is formulated to catch all signs of this development. With these super sensitive tests a woman will immediately be aware of her pregnancy and properly prepare herself.

At Home Pregnancy Test Stick Features:

• One Box of 5 Pack of Home Pregnancy Tests

• Fast Results within 3 to 5 minutes

• Easy to Read Window Results with Two or One Line

• Super Sensitive Stick With Early Detection of the Presence of HCG

• Over 99% Accuracy RatingEARLIEST PREGNANCY DETECTION: Truestick’s pregnancy stick tests are super-sensitive so they will quickly answer whether or not you are pregnant. suspense. The early response pregnancy tests can already detect minimal trace amounts of pregnancy hormones in urine as soon as five days after your delayed period.
HIGHEST ACCURACY RATING: You can be confident with all results provided from TrueStick home pregnancies tests because of their high 99.9% accuracy rating.The TrueStick pregnancy sticks are clinically proven to detect the faintest levels of HCG, the hormone present in women who are pregnant .
INSTANT RESULTS: Unlike the typical pregnancy tests Truestick pregnancy sticks offers easy-to-read results after waiting for 4 minutes in the comfort of your home. No more anxiety and waiting to find out if your are pregnant–get your answer right away!
EASY TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS: The Truestick one-step pregnancy step is simple to use. You can place the Absorbent Tip in your urine stream or dip it in a cup for five seconds only. Wait for 4 minutes then read results. Two pink lines means pregnant and one line means not pregnant. This is the simplest way to confirm pregnancy
FIVE TESTS INCLUDED: In this box we you receive 5 home pregnancy tests with purchase at an amazingly affordable price that beats store bought tests. These sticks are made from high quality materials only.

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