Sanggol Full Body Pillow, Contoured Pregnancy Total Body Pillow, Maternity U Pillow & Nursing Pillow with 100% Cotton Pillowcase

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Sanggol Pregnancy/Body Pillow

Your Sanggol pillow is a luxurious, excellent-quality pillow, carefully designed in the UK and manufactured to provide great comfort, at the best quality.

Your Sanggol Body pillow:

1. Is a U pillow that follows the natural shape of the body
2. The head support is squared off in the shape of a regular pillow and the inner edge nicely curved around the shoulder so it does not bite into the skin.
3. The middle part of the pillow is shaped around the belly with firm lumbar support behind.
4. The pillowcase is made of 100 percent closely woven, combed cotton of 233 TC percale and no shrinkage at 104-degree F
5. The filling is quality high grade (7D, AA) hollowfibre filling with an all-over consistency, no lumps.

Sanggol Maternity and Body Pillow provides support:

1. For the whole body in pregnancy without the need to change your position – supports your baby bump, back, neck, shoulder, and legs.
2. To reduce heartburn and back pain in pregnancy.
3. For breastfeeding/nursing or as a baby crib or to secure older babies on a flat surface whilst playing. Fold round the body to breastfeed.
4. For body support after an operation or relief from chronic body pain or symptoms of fibromyalgia, ME, arthritis or similar.
5. On an arm chair/bed whilst reading/watching television/ general relaxation

Your package of Sanggol Maternity/Body Pillow will include:

1. One maternity pillow/Body Pillow/ Pregnancy Pillow/Nursing Pillow.
2. A complementary 100% cotton pillowcase – worn on the pillow.
3. One excellent quality, zippered and reusable packaging bag for storage after re-vacuuming.

Please contact us for an Instruction Manual if required on how to reshape the pillow if required.TOTAL BODY SUPPORT WITHOUT THE NEED TO CHANGE YOUR POSITION – Thanks to the perfect shape and sumptuous filling, the pillow will perfectly support baby bump, back, neck, shoulder, and legs. Regular – MEASUREMENTS: 140x85x20cm.
4 IN 1 USE – Sanggol Maternity – Sanggol pillows last from pregnancy to birth, to nursing and for other uses too. Use for 1.) Pregnancy support 2.) To reduce hearburn, back pain and swelling in pregnancy 3.) For breastfeeding and nursing, relaxation at home or 4.) As body pillow support to relieve pain either after an operation or from chronic body pain, symptoms such as fibromyalgia, ME, arthritis, sciatica or similar.
EXCELLENT QUALITY – Sanggol pillows are intentionally made from high grade (7D, AA) hollowfibre filling. This is the best grade of hollowfibre and it is great for people with allergies. Sanggol’ s hollowfibre pillows are easy to care for, easy to bend and scrunch to get required support and they are not noisy. We offer 100% no quibble returns and refund if you are unsatisfied.
COMPLEMENTARY REMOVABLE PILLOWCASE – Easy to remove pillowcase with side to side zipper mechanism so no fuss when removing the case. The Pillowcase is made from made of High quality cotton of 100 percent closely woven, combed cotton of 233 TC percale and no shrinkage at 104-degree F
BEST MATERNITY PILLOW, BIGGER and BETTER – Sanggol pillows are fuller and longer than most pillows on Amazon. EU trademarked and designed in the UK, bigger than other similar pillows on Amazon for a good reason and with the perfect size in mind for perfect comfort

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