Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow with Removable Zippered Cover, Retro Green Flowers

FOR ONLY –> $69.99

Theraline is Europe’s established manufacturer of mother and baby comfort brands. Our Gold winning product, The Original Pregnancy and Baby Feeding Pillow, is a number one best seller in terms of functionality, versatility and durability. It has been specifically designed for moms so that they can enjoy a restful night’s sleep throughout the later stages of pregnancy. It also doubles up as a comfortable and supportive feeding pillow once baby has arrived. Designed specifically to support moms’ back and shoulders, it keeps baby at exactly the right height and position for breast feeding. It can also be used later for smaller babies that haven’t yet learnt to sit up on their own. Moms can be assured of real comfort and support if they use one of our pillows.A special maternity pillow for a very special time: X-long surface bends the way you like, Innovative flexible and stable filling, Feels like sand yet light as a feather, Comfortable support in any position
Better sleep during pregnancy: Stable support from head to toe, Safe lateral position during sleep, Easily change sleeping positions, Particularly low-noise filling
More relaxed breastfeeding: Safer: 15″ of support in the middle, Less strain on neck and shoulder, Amazing back support, Comfortable for all feeding positions, including twin feeding
Excellent quanity: Fine-as-sand original micro-beads, Fluffy soft, extra-thick covers, Optimal 190 cm – refillable inlet, Toxproof certificate
Multifunctional: For relaxing, reading and watching television; For adults: As a pillow for lateral sleeping and leg support

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