Top Fill Humidifier, TaoTronics Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier, 6L Capacity & Easy Clean with Wide Opening, Permanent Filter, Humidity Monitor & Timer for Large Room

FOR ONLY –> $109.99

★Do not use with essential oils
★Do not place the device on the carpet or a towel.

Accessible Build for Easy Maintenance
Fill up the humidifier completely hassle-free like you would fill up a big water bottle: unscrew the tank, fill up with water, and close the lid again. The extra big opening also facilitates the cleaning process: conveniently reach all nooks and crannies and erase all traces of potential bacteria with ease.

First Ever Dot Matrix Design
Every function has its corresponding retro dotted icon, helping the user-friendliness and the understanding of the operation. Turn the humidifier on and off, choose between a high or low mist setting, select the desired humidity level you want to achieve, turn the warm misting mode on and off, set a timer (up to 12 hours), and (de)activate the sleeping mode.

Individualizable Mist Setting
Achieve the perfect humidification for you and your specific needs. Select between a high and a low mist level, depending on the humidification intensity you desire. Furthermore, you can even control the temperature of the fog with the hot misting mode: feeling a bit chilly? Just activate the warm fog and feel a cozy humidification.

Built-In Permanent Filter
Keep your air around you humidified with filtered and softened water. Thanks to the filter that is directly integrated into the water tank you can use water straight from the tab. The filter softens and cleans it for a fresh humidification that is completely free of all traces of white dust. (The filter can be easily renewed by soaking it in a weak acid solution for about 30 minutes)

All Round Humidification
The 360° double nozzle makes for a uniform and holistic misting distribution in any room. Additionally, the direction of the nozzle can be completely adjusted and the big 3 liter water tank will keep your surrounding air perfectly humidified for the whole night or a long day.Easy To Fill & Clean: Wide opening makes filling effortless and you can reach all corners to get rid of all bacteria
Customizable Mist Settings: Comes with Cool / Warm Mist Modes (95℉/35℃); Low / High Mist; Timer (0-9 Hour); and Preset Constant Humidity (30%-95%); (Note: 95 °F is being measured at the mist outlet; warm mist humidifies faster, but at 95 °F it might still feel cool to the touch)
Built-In Permanent Filter: Use water straight from the tap and the filter softens it and frees it of white dust (Note: Removable filter does not need t be replaced, and can be renewed with white vinegar solution)
All Round Humidification: 202 oz / 6 L water tank and adjustable 360° double nozzles humidify the air of the whole house all night long (Note: Makes a slight TICK sound each minute when using Warm Mist Mode)nd each minute when using Warm Mist Mode)
Classic Design: Rounded retro look meets ultimate user-friendliness with a display that features corresponding functions and iconssplay that features corresponding functions and icons

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