XDOBO Buckwheat newborn infant Toddler Pillow Preventing Flat Head Syndrome Correct Head Shape baby pillow Organic Breathable Cotton Protective Cover (Pink Dream)

FOR ONLY –> $18.99

Get peace of mind with the clever purchase
Taking cues from the needs of real parents, we have created the revolutionary infant pillow that addresses the challenges.
Our comfy baby pillow allows you to have that peace of mind that you do everything possible to protect the round shape of your baby’s head.

Suitable for babies of 3-36 months
It is important for a newborn to use an anti-rolling pillow, and it helps babies’ head skull bone develop. While the
corrective positioning of your baby may work well up the age of 3 months, after this age, it could be very difficult to
alter your baby’s sleeping position. This pillow provides great neck and head support for your infant and can help prevent
or correct plagiocephaly.

Secure and comfortable to use
This baby product is anti-bacteria, moisture absorption, and the soft touch is gentle on baby’s skin. Unique design offering
enough room to make sure that your child sleeps, lays, and travels soundly. Just place your baby and ensure his or her
head is located within the pillow’s cavity. This will reduce the pressure by distributing the weight of the head over a
much larger area of contact.

Package Included
1 x pillow
3 x Absorbent baby bibs
1 x silica gel baby bibs

★HIGH GRADE QUALITY: Made of breathable premium performance Buckwheat and cotton, hypoallergenic, alternative down microfiber polyester filling. We don’t skimp on quality because we want you to get the best night of sleep possible.
★KEEPS BABY IN SAFE POSITION: The pillow holds your baby’s head and body in position preventing him from rolling around during sleep. The shape of the pillow offers a perfect alignment of the baby’s head and spine providing advance neck protection and ensuring the comfort and support of your newborn.
★MULTI USE: Our smart rectangular pillow, great for children or even a car trips, for breathable crib and bassinet for an even more compact pillow,.1 Years Warranty and 24 hours professional customer service.
★BEST BABY SHOWER GIFT :Give your friends and family Peace of Mind. Knowing that their new bundle of joy will keep a nice round head through the fragile newborn and infant stages. Saving them the heartache, time and money that comes from flat head syndrome or Plagiocephaly.
★EASY CARE & WASHABLE:Can easily be washed with baby laundry detergent, no excess lint or color fade after washes!

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